Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Origin of the titles around this blog

As one may observe, there are three major terms visible in this blog, viz., Chaotic Arena, Musings and Hitchhiker. I was thinking of an apt name for my blog (especially after my Google account got deleted one fine morning!). These are the key things I came up with keeping in mind the need for a blog :

Chaotic Arena - Not much clear, what's right and what's not! What to follow and what not! Not everything can be understood and neither should everything be blindly followed!
Musings - Few thoughts collected during this wonderful journey called life!
Hitchhiker - Life is a journey that we cover through various modes (spiritual, mental, physical, et. al.) Selecting a mode is circumstantial and I tend to change the modes like a hitchhiker!

Way to go in life! Hope to capture some of finest moments in life through this blog for a flashback reference in future...

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