Monday, August 9, 2010

Three of the kinds!

Just an observation of three kinds of driver/riders plying on Indian roads.

1. Those who don’t signal (indicator) while changing lanes and change abruptly.

2. Those who give signal while changing lanes, but don’t care of current state of lane before changing, i.e. if some vehicle is near and just behind on the target lane.

3. Those who give signal to change lanes, but wait and wait and wait, and don’t change! Two possible reasons, by mistake indicator has been kept on, or an amateur driver trying his best to find way out in the Indian traffic!

All three are equally dangerous enough scenarios. Remember, always show indicator (especially if in 4-wheeler) and check for if the target lane is clear enough to change to! Have safe driving…

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moi Breakfast Series

"Breakfast" has an important place in my day-to-day life! Today, while walking back after having idlis & chutney, I was just trying to remember all the items I have had till date for breakfast. And as I remembered, the list grew on and on and at the end, I was just amazed to acknowledge having eaten up so much of variety! :) I know these may not be the only items, and that many more would be there lying on the table, for me to put my hands on ! :) Well, hoping to expand on the list with time..

Meanwhile, here's an exhaustive list of what I have had for breakfast so far in life, as far as I remember.
Dosa (Set/Open/Masala/Mysore/MLA Pesarettu/Ghee Roast/Masala Ghee Roast/Rava/Rava Masala), Idli, Vada, Upma, Poha (Kanda/Batata), NootPuttu, Puttu, Seva, Valiyaappam, Sheera, Kozhalkatta, Lemon Rice, Roti/Subzi, Paratha, Bread Omlette, Boiled/Scrambled Egg, Corn-flakes, Oats, Bread Toast, Puri/Subzi, Bonda, Mysore Bhajji, Rice/Dal, Maggi. 

Have I missed out on something? Well, I suppose I have at-least covered almost all of South Indian Cuisines! Its like Mission Breakfast Accomplished! :)