Friday, November 28, 2008

Indian Media!

Have been following the disastrous terror attack on Mumbai (on TV off-course!) that started on Nov 26, 2008. Yesterday, there was a news that broke out about Nariman House (terrorist-attacked place) getting cleared from these dangerous species. Apparently some NSG commando gave a thumbs up, and the public watching the action from a distance initially, rushed onto roads to celebrate and cheer these heroes! Various news channels were covering this incident and I, personally, was following a few of them to say, NDTV, CNN IBN and Aaj Tak. The place had become real chaotic and though there was no official announcement of operation finishing, people had over-crowded the place, making it impossible for the operations to end/continue in a smooth manner. There were public announcement made by police about the operation being still on. Amidst these chaos, I was just observing how the press personal behaved! NDTV was right at a top of a building covering this news. Rightful to say, not adding to the chaos. CNN-IBN was covering from the roads, at a distance away from the happening place. And in their footage, I observed some camera-men rushing on to the commandos coming out of the place! I wondered, who are these press people adding to the reigning confusion..... I switched over to Aaaj Tak and there they were. Right in front, as if attacking the commandos itself, jumping around in public, acting like monkeys.

@Press : Yes, we want live coverages, but not at the cost of discipline in such a circumstance. Its a great work you all are doing, out there at the war-front, not caring your lives. But, please co-operate and behave in a more matured manner!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks Google!

Thanks Google for introducing Themes into Gmail. Was bored seeing the previous look of gmail everyday without options to change it! Also, liked couple of Google labs offerings, viz., Mouse Gestures for navigating emails and 'Mark as Read' button on the Inbox page. Kudos Google for bringing about a change! :)