Wednesday, May 18, 2011

As you start to learn driving a car...

I am learning to drive a car. 
Reason: Thinking of purchasing a car. 
Reason for the Reason: Better mode of transport and more convenient for a family!

Ok, boring stuff apart, lets dig into more boring part! Just kidding, thought of penning down my experiences so far after 6 hours of intense learning to drive a car. Have started on an old WagonR. 

The first thing, get to know more about the space your car occupies on the road. Get a judgement on the same. See the car first, its shape, size - get an image of the car in your mind and where you would be placed within as its driver. Next, get a feel of the steering, the gears, accelerator, brake and clutch. Also, check for the horizontal distance of the seat and reachability of each of above. Getting familiar may take some time initially!

Next would like to jot down few things one should try to get as much practice as possible

1. Parallel Parking
2. Reverse Parking within 2 cars
3. Regular parking within 2 cars
4. On a slope, stop the car - then try to start and go ahead at dead slow speed without accelerating much and meanwhile preventing car to go back or stop. This is primarily a test of clutch-accelerator-brake in one go.
5. Negotiating sharp narrow turns (which are in plenty in Bangalore!)

Off-course, as the old saying goes "Practice makes man perfect". Just jump into it with text-book knowledge perfect and the rest will fall in line, in time.

Good Luck! :)

More on the first car in later blogs...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I do not, what I know not to do!

Just a thought that came by this morning!
In our daily course of actions, we tend to do many things which we know are not good. The are bad in terms of of the negative affect they have on a living being (including ourselves). And what would we call a negative affect, abstract nouns like pain, hurt, etc. So, we know some of the actions lead to negative affect, still end up doing the same at-times! Only knowing is not maturity, but implementation is what counts. 
So always aim at doing not, what you know not to do!