Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moi Breakfast Series

"Breakfast" has an important place in my day-to-day life! Today, while walking back after having idlis & chutney, I was just trying to remember all the items I have had till date for breakfast. And as I remembered, the list grew on and on and at the end, I was just amazed to acknowledge having eaten up so much of variety! :) I know these may not be the only items, and that many more would be there lying on the table, for me to put my hands on ! :) Well, hoping to expand on the list with time..

Meanwhile, here's an exhaustive list of what I have had for breakfast so far in life, as far as I remember.
Dosa (Set/Open/Masala/Mysore/MLA Pesarettu/Ghee Roast/Masala Ghee Roast/Rava/Rava Masala), Idli, Vada, Upma, Poha (Kanda/Batata), NootPuttu, Puttu, Seva, Valiyaappam, Sheera, Kozhalkatta, Lemon Rice, Roti/Subzi, Paratha, Bread Omlette, Boiled/Scrambled Egg, Corn-flakes, Oats, Bread Toast, Puri/Subzi, Bonda, Mysore Bhajji, Rice/Dal, Maggi. 

Have I missed out on something? Well, I suppose I have at-least covered almost all of South Indian Cuisines! Its like Mission Breakfast Accomplished! :)

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