Monday, November 23, 2009

Power of 2! A couple of acts done in couple of days for the second time….


Am proud of myself. Have been long awaiting for such a moment…. Broke all mental blockages and successfully completed couple of acts for second time in life, within couple of days! Hence the name of blog, “Power of 2!”

First, I ran 10km Hyd Run on Sunday (Nov 22, 2009) in 75 min. Had kept 90 min as the cut-off for myself to complete the race. But, was happy to keep it well within reach. Trust me, its difficult to carry a 78 kg weight for such long time and distance. Ran for 2.5 km in single stretch at the start and then the jogged and brisk-walked alternatively. It was fun, especially with the crowd cheering, hard metal music pumping the adrenaline, beauty of Hussain Sagar Lake in the early hours. Had earlier ran only 5km run. So, it was for first time, and though I had doubts of completing the race, somehow I managed to. :) Next target would be, a couple of more 10K’s and hop on-to Half-Marathon!!

Second, an act of random kindness (ARK). Donated 350 ml of valuable blood today (Nov 24, 2009). This was second time in my life too, first being 1.5 years prior to this. Was worried, but once in, there is no turning back. Its a noble cause, people, so would definitely appeal to all to donate blood generously at-least once a year. (Of-course through a well-established organization).

So, here it is, a double strike for me. :)


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