Friday, November 28, 2008

Indian Media!

Have been following the disastrous terror attack on Mumbai (on TV off-course!) that started on Nov 26, 2008. Yesterday, there was a news that broke out about Nariman House (terrorist-attacked place) getting cleared from these dangerous species. Apparently some NSG commando gave a thumbs up, and the public watching the action from a distance initially, rushed onto roads to celebrate and cheer these heroes! Various news channels were covering this incident and I, personally, was following a few of them to say, NDTV, CNN IBN and Aaj Tak. The place had become real chaotic and though there was no official announcement of operation finishing, people had over-crowded the place, making it impossible for the operations to end/continue in a smooth manner. There were public announcement made by police about the operation being still on. Amidst these chaos, I was just observing how the press personal behaved! NDTV was right at a top of a building covering this news. Rightful to say, not adding to the chaos. CNN-IBN was covering from the roads, at a distance away from the happening place. And in their footage, I observed some camera-men rushing on to the commandos coming out of the place! I wondered, who are these press people adding to the reigning confusion..... I switched over to Aaaj Tak and there they were. Right in front, as if attacking the commandos itself, jumping around in public, acting like monkeys.

@Press : Yes, we want live coverages, but not at the cost of discipline in such a circumstance. Its a great work you all are doing, out there at the war-front, not caring your lives. But, please co-operate and behave in a more matured manner!

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