Wednesday, May 18, 2011

As you start to learn driving a car...

I am learning to drive a car. 
Reason: Thinking of purchasing a car. 
Reason for the Reason: Better mode of transport and more convenient for a family!

Ok, boring stuff apart, lets dig into more boring part! Just kidding, thought of penning down my experiences so far after 6 hours of intense learning to drive a car. Have started on an old WagonR. 

The first thing, get to know more about the space your car occupies on the road. Get a judgement on the same. See the car first, its shape, size - get an image of the car in your mind and where you would be placed within as its driver. Next, get a feel of the steering, the gears, accelerator, brake and clutch. Also, check for the horizontal distance of the seat and reachability of each of above. Getting familiar may take some time initially!

Next would like to jot down few things one should try to get as much practice as possible

1. Parallel Parking
2. Reverse Parking within 2 cars
3. Regular parking within 2 cars
4. On a slope, stop the car - then try to start and go ahead at dead slow speed without accelerating much and meanwhile preventing car to go back or stop. This is primarily a test of clutch-accelerator-brake in one go.
5. Negotiating sharp narrow turns (which are in plenty in Bangalore!)

Off-course, as the old saying goes "Practice makes man perfect". Just jump into it with text-book knowledge perfect and the rest will fall in line, in time.

Good Luck! :)

More on the first car in later blogs...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I do not, what I know not to do!

Just a thought that came by this morning!
In our daily course of actions, we tend to do many things which we know are not good. The are bad in terms of of the negative affect they have on a living being (including ourselves). And what would we call a negative affect, abstract nouns like pain, hurt, etc. So, we know some of the actions lead to negative affect, still end up doing the same at-times! Only knowing is not maturity, but implementation is what counts. 
So always aim at doing not, what you know not to do!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Three of the kinds!

Just an observation of three kinds of driver/riders plying on Indian roads.

1. Those who don’t signal (indicator) while changing lanes and change abruptly.

2. Those who give signal while changing lanes, but don’t care of current state of lane before changing, i.e. if some vehicle is near and just behind on the target lane.

3. Those who give signal to change lanes, but wait and wait and wait, and don’t change! Two possible reasons, by mistake indicator has been kept on, or an amateur driver trying his best to find way out in the Indian traffic!

All three are equally dangerous enough scenarios. Remember, always show indicator (especially if in 4-wheeler) and check for if the target lane is clear enough to change to! Have safe driving…

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moi Breakfast Series

"Breakfast" has an important place in my day-to-day life! Today, while walking back after having idlis & chutney, I was just trying to remember all the items I have had till date for breakfast. And as I remembered, the list grew on and on and at the end, I was just amazed to acknowledge having eaten up so much of variety! :) I know these may not be the only items, and that many more would be there lying on the table, for me to put my hands on ! :) Well, hoping to expand on the list with time..

Meanwhile, here's an exhaustive list of what I have had for breakfast so far in life, as far as I remember.
Dosa (Set/Open/Masala/Mysore/MLA Pesarettu/Ghee Roast/Masala Ghee Roast/Rava/Rava Masala), Idli, Vada, Upma, Poha (Kanda/Batata), NootPuttu, Puttu, Seva, Valiyaappam, Sheera, Kozhalkatta, Lemon Rice, Roti/Subzi, Paratha, Bread Omlette, Boiled/Scrambled Egg, Corn-flakes, Oats, Bread Toast, Puri/Subzi, Bonda, Mysore Bhajji, Rice/Dal, Maggi. 

Have I missed out on something? Well, I suppose I have at-least covered almost all of South Indian Cuisines! Its like Mission Breakfast Accomplished! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Power of 2! A couple of acts done in couple of days for the second time….


Am proud of myself. Have been long awaiting for such a moment…. Broke all mental blockages and successfully completed couple of acts for second time in life, within couple of days! Hence the name of blog, “Power of 2!”

First, I ran 10km Hyd Run on Sunday (Nov 22, 2009) in 75 min. Had kept 90 min as the cut-off for myself to complete the race. But, was happy to keep it well within reach. Trust me, its difficult to carry a 78 kg weight for such long time and distance. Ran for 2.5 km in single stretch at the start and then the jogged and brisk-walked alternatively. It was fun, especially with the crowd cheering, hard metal music pumping the adrenaline, beauty of Hussain Sagar Lake in the early hours. Had earlier ran only 5km run. So, it was for first time, and though I had doubts of completing the race, somehow I managed to. :) Next target would be, a couple of more 10K’s and hop on-to Half-Marathon!!

Second, an act of random kindness (ARK). Donated 350 ml of valuable blood today (Nov 24, 2009). This was second time in my life too, first being 1.5 years prior to this. Was worried, but once in, there is no turning back. Its a noble cause, people, so would definitely appeal to all to donate blood generously at-least once a year. (Of-course through a well-established organization).

So, here it is, a double strike for me. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

After quite a long time....

After quite a long time, I have planned to return to the world of blogs. As simple as it sounds, the duration or the break has seen a whole lot of events in my life. Change of job, relocating to HYD, getting married to my 4 year long sweet-heart, TWITTER, post-marriage responsibilities and others. Had thought that with Twitter, I would never be blogging ever, but as I re-think, conventional blogging always will have an upper-hand over micro-blogging! Anyways, looking forward to post more practical and philosophical views in future. One liners on Twitter! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Holi, 2009!

Wish you all a very happy Rangapanchami! May the year 2009, bring in some bright colors as the year proceeds.....

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